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Кристиания. Джаз-клуб

Вчера состоялась презентация новой пластинки PALM TREE группы EL'MIAN
produced by Alex Choub and Shohreh Shahrzad
"This instrumental trio
is an eclectic blend af world, amblient,
chillout and lounge-style music.
The Band
provides an interesting backdrop of sounds
and textures using the V-bass, violine
and percussion, adding a beatiful organic
edge to a landscape of sounds..."

Alex Choub- Handy Pepper, XP100, XP300, V-bass, Gallien Krueger
Grygory Khodos-el.violin, Symphony, Efx
Shohreh Shahrzad-Roland HDP 15, Daff, Abelton Live

Алекс и Гриша


Tags: Муза и Музыкант, презентации, фотки

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